As part of the new development strategy of NSKN Games for 2016-2018, Strawberry Studio is opening up a new line of board, card and dice games, which we are calling generically microgames.

Quick, yet strategic, with simple rules and high replay value, our microgames are a perfect match for families and experienced players alike. Our aim is to develop a whole line of games with a play time of up to 30 minutes, rules which can be read and explained in 10 minutes or less even to people without any prior gaming experience.

Another key element of our microgames line is the premium look and feel of each game. We are working with a team of independent and well established artists, ready to take on new challenges and create artwork which will be beautiful as well as functional, offering players memorable gaming experiences.

Last but not least, we aim to price all products in our microgames line under $15, so that they become accessible to everyone, and our distribution and retail partners will have an extra incentive to make them widely available.

The first two products in this line are going to be published in 2016. The first one, 3 Wishes, is developed in partnership with Passport Game Studios and our common goal is to release the first print run of the game at Gen Con 2016.  The second one, Crazy 5, will debut at Spiel 2016 Essen.