Size Matters

Strawberry Studio is a company that specializes in games that are easy to play, entertaining and small. Easy to carry around in a backpack, a purse, or even in a larger pocket, our games can go wherever you go.

Finding the perfect box size is not an easy task. Easily portable games should be small, but a game box is more than just a disposable wrapper. It should be able to comfortably contain all game elements – even if you decide to sleeve your cards – and allow for a rules booklet of comfortable size.

To find the perfect balance between capacity and carrying comfort, we created a box especially crafted for your gaming needs. It is slim, but deep enough not to open on its own in your bag or backpack. And it is characteristic of Strawberry Studio, so that you can always recognize our games.

So, yes, great things often come in small packages: unique boxes with the Strawberry Studio logo.

A game designer and developer, and an English Major, responsible for blog posts and Strawberry Studio's website content. His gaming experience, spanning over two decades, also makes him the first person most designers will talk to when submitting their game to Strawberry Studio.