About Strawberry Studio

Founded in 2016 as a daughter company of NSKN Games by Agnieszka Kopera, Andrei Novac, Błażej Kubacki and Rainer Åhlfors, Strawberry Studio’s mission is to enrich the world of gaming with a line of smart, fun and easy to play microgames for families and friends.

Designed with the players of all ages in mind, games from Strawberry Studio will be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Who we are

Andrei Novac

An avid gamer and an accomplished designer with an engineering background and a passion for mathematics. His work experience and analytical skills make him both a great leader, and a sharp and challenging gaming opponent.


Agnieszka Kopera

An engineering graduate and game designer with an unparalleled ability to put her technical skills and mindset into creative work. Responsible for Strawberry’s image in the world, she creates and meticulously oversees the process of creating art and graphic design for each of our games.


Błażej Kubacki

A game designer and developer, and an English Major, responsible for blog posts and Strawberry Studio’s website content. His gaming experience, spanning over two decades, also makes him the first person most designers will talk to when submitting their game to Strawberry Studio.


Rainer Åhlfors

Omnivore gamer, designer, and developer with a background in software engineering and graphic design. His multi-faceted skills, diverse gaming experience, and keen eye for details makes him an invaluable asset.