Black Skull Island

Black Skull Island — The Fight for Treasure!

Treasures! That is what all pirates love — and so also the pirates of Black Skull Island! It is not unexpected that more than one pirate wants to grab it all. Or more than 2 pirates. Actually: there are 16 pirates in game! Gather between 2 and 9 (yes, nine!) friends to control those characters. Are you ingenious enough to leave Black Skull Island with the biggest pile of gold?

It is not easy to find a game which is easy to take anywhere you want yet offers this level of fun while playing with family or friends. This is the perfect game to bring out with your friends at the party. Here comes Black Skull Island! Easy to play and to transport, ingenious game in a small package, that will take you 10–20 minutes to play and which you can enjoy just as well with 8-year-old kids as with adults, and which you can have a blast together with up to 9 players!

The goal is, of course, to collect the most gold and treasure from various Booty Cards, using the special ability of one of the pirates you control. Each round consist 5 steps: 1) choose your character for this round and place it face-down, 2) reveal all the cards, 3) resolve all character abilities in ascending order before, 4) returning characters on the table back to your hand. Finally, 5) check to see if any player has 7 or more Booty Cards. If so, it is high time to find out who will have left Black Skull Island as the richest pirate!

Are you ready to sail away with all the treasures? Perfect, because Black Skull Island is available and waiting for you in fun board game stores near you!