Customer Support

If your newly purchased Strawberry Studio game is missing any components or if you find any damaged items inside the game box,  we will replace those parts without charge.

Please note that:

  • We do not replace complete games that have missing or damaged parts, and generally we do not replace game boxes or the cardboard inserts that come with them.
  • Your request will be processed the next Monday after placing it
  • When your request has been processed, you will receive an acknowledgement email. All parts are shipped out of Poland with the local post. We will ship most parts without a tracking number.
  • To reach its destination, a package/envelope takes:
    • 1-3 weeks to Europe
    • 2-12 weeks to North America
    • 3-15 weeks to South America, Africa and Asia
    • 4-17 weeks to Australia and Oceania

Please use the form below and include a description of the part you want, what game it comes from, and your address (including your country). Please be as specific as possible – providing an exact description of elements to be replaced will allow us to process your request faster.

Customer Support Form