3 Wishes

Type: Family/party game
A game by: Chris Castagnetto
Art by: Magdalena Markowska
Players: 3-5
Play time: 3-5 min
Age: 7+
Release date: August 2016
Rules: EN
Status: Out of print

3 Wishes is a party/family game for 3 to 5 players that takes just 3 to 5 minutes to play. With very simple rules, this very quick memory, intuition, and bluffing game is as much about playing the game as it is about playing the other players. A poker face will go a long way – well, not too long, since the game may last only 3 minutes – and it will also serve you well as a fast and fun memory training.

A not-so-nice-but-not-too-evil genie appears as if from nowhere (someone, somewhere probably did rub a lamp) and pitches the crowd against one another, granting the most astute player no less than three wishes. But not all wishes come true, and only the player with the right balance between super powers, benefits for the world and selfish gifts will be enter the good graces of the genie.

In 3 Wishes, each player is dealt a hand of 3 face down cards, with 2 extra cards in the middle of the gaming table. On their turn, each player can peak at a card or swap cards with other players or the common pool on the table, aiming to get 3 different type of wish-cards. Once that happens, someone will call the end game and all players reveal their hands and compare wish-cards to determine the winner.

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