Mount Rushmore

Type: Family/pattern recognition game
A game by: Dennis Kirps
Art by: Magdalena Markowska
Players: 2-10
Play time: 10-20 min
Age: 8+
Release date: May 2019
Rules: EN
Status: In stock

Mount Rushmore is a game of quick wit and keen eye. Visit Mount Rushmore, an iconic American monument, and test your perception and speed!

Each turn, a Search card will be revealed. All players will look for a Monument card that matches the face-up Search card. The player who first discovered the correct Monument card wins the current round and gets to keep the Search card. Each Search card is worth 1 point. Be the first to score 3 points to win!

Mount Rushmore can be played at different difficulty levels. For a lighter, more family-friendly game we recommend the Basic Game setup. For a more challenging experience you may try the Advanced Game instead. For a full mind-bending experience of Mount Rushmore you may set up an Expert Game.