Scare It!

Type: Family/party game
A game by: Adrian Dinu
Art by: Magdalena Markowska
Players: 1-8
Play time: 10-20 min
Age: 8+
Release date: May 2018
Rules: EN
Status: In stock

What are all those animals scared of? Well, it’s really simple: the mouse is scared of the cat, the cat is scared of the dog, the dog is scared of the elephant. And what is the giant elephant scared of? The tiny mouse, of course!

Check out this review by Sam and Aedan Healey from The Dice Tower:

Scare It! is a simple, fast-playing family game of scaring animals off the table. At the start of the game, you receive two secret objective cards: one with an animal type, and one with a color. On your turn, you choose an animal to be scared off, and an animal to do the scaring. When a number of animals have run away in panic, everyone reveals their secret animal and color cards, then scores points for what’s left on the table.

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