Strawberry Ninja

Type: Family/cooperative game
A game by: Chris Castagnetto
Art by: Magdalena Markowska
Players: 1-4
Play time: 20 min
Age: 8+
Release date: July 2017
Rules: EN
Status: Out of print

Strawberry Ninja is a cooperative family game for 1-4 players, playable in 15-30 minutes. Its simple rules and cooperative nature will allow you to play together within minutes after opening the box. Even your youngest family members will be able to enjoy Strawberry Ninja with you, as you are not competing but working together to win as a team!

Things started vanishing from your garden a few days ago, and now you suspect that the notorious Strawberry Ninja is roaming around your pumpkin patches and apple trees. Your brave kitty is already out in the garden trying to catch the little culprit, but it is up to you to help him corner the sneaky little thief.

Every turn the kitty will move around a board made of face-down cards, and each of you will get to shift the cards, and then uncover one of them. All you have to do is uncover the Strawberry Ninja, card and guide your kitty to him, so that this mischievous creature can finally be caught. But beware! Each card you uncover will add its own little twist to the game, and you have only 12 turns to finish your task.

Play alone or make a great team with your friends, and catch that pesky Strawberry Ninja !

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