Little Monster — Dinner is Served!

It is lunch time in Monster Town, and a most unusual company has arrived! Some are tall and some are short. Some have scales for hair or tentacles for feet. All of them are really, really hungry!

Cecil is one of those little monsters, and he is hungry! They all are! Cecil is an impatient eater while Henrietta is the slow eater! Martin, on the other hand, has terrible manners!

Little Monster that Came for Lunch and Stayed for Tea is a light racing game for all ages!

Little Monster is premiering at Essen SPIEL, October 25–28, 2018! The game is available to demo and purchase at the Strawberry Studio booth in Hall 2, Booth F112.

In the game you are helping two unique little monsters. Your goal is to feed them as quickly as you can in a race against one, two, or three opponents. Each little monster has its own special skill, and you want to find clever ways to utilize these skills along with other card abilities to create awesome effects!

On your turn, you either play or draw cards. If you play, you create combos that will move your monsters forward while pushing opponent critters backwards! You win the game as soon as both of your monsters reach the end of the table!

The table has been set, the food smells delicious, and the race around the table is ready to begin!