Origins is ready to Scare It!

We are super excited! Origins is starting in a week! And we’re surely coming to Columbus, Ohio to show you our fantastic games šŸ™‚ Our newest title is Scare It! – one of the cutests card games the world has ever seen! It’sĀ a simple, fast-playing family game of scaring animals off the table that brings tons of joy to both kids and adults. Well, even Suzanne Sheldon says it’s her favourite game of ours šŸ™‚ Moreover, you will also have a chance to have a peek behind the curtain and play two prototypes of our upcoming games. The first is Little Monster That Came For Lunch And Stayed For Tea. Phew, that is qute a title for a sweet, litle racing game in which you’re feeding your personal monsters as fast as you can – or at least faster than your opponents! The second yet unpublished game we’re bringing is Black Skull Island – a marvelously illustrated card game for up to 9 players! You will become greedy pirates who want to rob their “partners” of the substantial share of the booty. Will you be the wittiest at the table? Come to booth 858 and check it out for yourself!