Let’s build Pyramid of the Sun in Essen!

Essen is coming in less than four weeks! Strawberry studio, at our 2-F112 booth, will proudly present its newest pocket-size game: Pyramid of the Sun! This tiny beauty, designed by Fréderic Moyersoen (author of Saboteur) and illustrated by our beloved Magdalena Markowska, is a fast 2-5 player card game about building an ancient pyramid. You will have to decide the pace of the game, maneuvering between the capacity of your hand, the points you can score while building the monumental pyramid and your opponents, who will gladly go for any opportunity you’ll create for them. We also hope you will appreciate the special show price we’ve prepared for it – and that is as little as €8! In case you were interested in the rules of the game – here they are!

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