Scare It! — a screaming success!

There is no denying that Scare It! has been a screaming success since its release earlier this year! Wherever we go, fans love the cute artwork coupled with interesting game play and engaging deduction! The box contains a spooky amount of fun for any family or group of friends.

However, it appears not everyone is happy about this situation. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Elephant for a few minutes to talk about the success of Scare It!

Elephant: “I really do not like to get scared. But every time, someone has to scare me with that dreadful mouse. It really is not much fun at all!”

Rainer: “Wait a second! You are saying the mouse actually scares you?”

E: “The purple one is the worst! The cat told me she is scared of the dog, particularly the blue one …”

R: “You do know this is just a game, right?”

E: “Not to me! Waaaaaaah!!!”

R: ” . . . “

Discover for yourself what makes Scare It! such an amazing game! Available wherever fun games are sold!

Scare It! really is not scary at all! Just incredibly fun … and cute!