Small Designs in Action

Some people think it is truly difficult to design a grand game: one filled with bits, rules and exceptions. In truth, some of the most difficult games to create are the ones that are small. Ideally, you want them to fall into the: “a minute to learn, a lifetime to master” category, although it is not necessary to simply have some fun.

Strawberry Studio is all about those small designs. Quick to learn, fast to play, interesting and “moreish”: this is what we want from games we publish. And this requires not only ingenious ideas, but also a meticulous delivery, so that you can start playing almost immediately after opening your new game.

Many factors make a game what it is: from its theme and artwork, to how rules are worded and laid out. Each of the steps we take on our way to publishing a game is one made with consideration and attention to detail. And that mixture of ingenuity and care makes our games what they are: quick to learn and simply fun to play.

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