Strawberry Kickstarter

Even though our main business in publishing board and card games, we also offer specialized Kickstarter services to other publishers. Kickstarter is the largest and most successful crowd-funding platform and a great launch site for small and medium sized publishers.

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Why should you run a US based Kickstarter campaign?

Simply put, USA is the sole largest market when it comes to Kickstarter supporters, accounting for more than 50% of all backers. Based on the country of your account, Kickstarter will make your project more visible on that market and will allow funds collection in that country’s currency. The exposure alone is reason enough to start your own US based Kickstarter account, but the advantages do not stop there. Trust and a sense of belonging to the same community are just as important.

Backed by several successful projects and the experience of our team, Strawberry Studio is able to provide this opportunity for you today.

The hardest part of a successful Kickstarter project is building the project itself. If you’re already experienced with Kickstarter, then you’re all set, but you can count on us to help you plan, because everything matters, from the duration of the project and the start date to the length of the project, the structure of your rewards and the list of stretch goals. With our expertise we are here to help.

During the project, communication is the key. You have to keep your backers engaged and we simply know how to do that. It takes effort, but we are here to guide you through the process.

After the project is successfully funded your  work is far from over. You have to deliver a product up to your backers’ expectations. We can also help you with this part. We have 6 years of  experience in board game publishing and we produced board games in Germany, Poland and China. We know who to talk to, what is the most efficient and risk free way to get your game from
dream to reality.

Timely delivery used to be a Kickstarter utopia. With our assistance, you can join the ranks of those who deliver on time, every time. Planning logistics and fulfillment is yet another key aspect of success on Kickstarter and we know all about it.


We prepared for you two general options for cooperation.

Basic Package

  • Access to Kickstarter
  • Consultancy before building the project

Standard Package

  • Access to Kickstarter
  • Consultancy before building the project
  • Emergency advice
  • Campaign page feedback

We may also be able to provide you services beyond the scope of the packages available. Please contact us, and we will try to help you kickstart your dream!

Important Note

We are not allowed to offer strict financial advice. Any matters of fiscal law pertaining to your country or region should be discussed with licenced accountants and/or professional financial advisors (acting as fiduciaries where applicable and whenever possible).