Strawberry Ninja – you did it!

Every campaign on Kickstarter has its end and Strawberry Ninja’s has finished as well. It’s been a great adventure to see our first microgame campaign ever. 1,533 backers pledged $24,404 and we couldn’t possibly be more happy! You – our backers – have reached all the stretch goals we have prepared and gone far beyond that! We are humbled by your participation, and your generosity. Let us fill you in on what’s going to happen now.

1. Finalizing files for printing

With the artwork ready, all we need to do is prepare the final files for printing. Production will take place in Poland with our long term partners Granna in Warsaw, and we already have their specifications. We estimate to deliver final files in about 10 days.

2. e-proofs and color proofs

As soon as Granna is getting our files we will receive their feedback, make corrections if needed and then receive color proofs and layout proofs. Once they are all approved manufacturing can start.

3. Manufacturing

The process will take about 35 days, during which all we can do is… wait.

4. Shipping

As soon as we receive game boxes we will prepare a list of addresses and proceed to shipping. A detailed update on this step will follow in a few weeks.

So… we have everything under control and we expect to deliver your games without delay.

Thank you again!

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