Strawberry Ninja on Kickstarter

Meet the  – the stealthiest creature
in the world of tabletop games!

Finally the simple cooperative game for your family and kinds – and it’s only $10 with free shipping!

The acclaimed creators of such warmly received games as What’s Up and 3 Wishes present their newest game – Strawberry Ninja. The Kickstarter campaign has just started!

Strawberry Ninja is tailor-made for your family!

  • It’s beautiful! The illustrations have been created by the amazingly talented art designer – Magdalena Markowska.
  • It’s a great game! Chris Castagnetto, the designer of 3 Wishes, prepared yet another fantastic game.
  • It’s small! You can put it in your pocket and take anywhere you want!
  • It’s fun! It’s a cooperative game where you all win or loose together!
  • It’s a great story! Help the cute kitten find the Strawberry Ninja hiding somewhere among the tall grass of the garden!
  • It’s great for children! Play with your kids and see how well they do in this amazing introduction into the world of tabletop games!


Will you be able to outwit the stealthiest ninja in the known world?
Will the kitty get the all-so-needed help?
Will the strawberries be safe again?
Join our Strawberry Ninja Kickstarter campaign and find out yourself!


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