Strawberry Studio in Essen!

While the Strawberry Team consists of people who are no strangers to the gaming world, this year it was officially the first time Strawberry Studio went to Essen Spiel – one of the biggest events of the tabletop gaming world. How did we do? Spoilers! Pretty awesome!

We brought both 3 Wishes and What’s Up, and all we can say that the response was truly outstanding!


We prepared everything meticulously, and we were hoping that gamers visiting Essen this year will be interested in our games, but we never expected a response as great as what we experienced.


There was never a dull moment. Our booth was brimming with life, passions and a shared joy of gaming!


We would like to thank everyone who was a part of this amazing experience. Thank you all for being there with us, we are happy to have been able to bring you so much gaming fun! And with a very special thanks to our amazing demo team, we are hoping that we will be able to see you all next year, when we’ll bring even more games that are small in stature, but truly grand when it comes to the joy they bring!

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