What We Are About

Strawberry Studio is a small company created by people in love with gaming. We are a small team of designers, developers and gamers, sharing a common passion and vision: we want to bring you small and ingenious designs which you can learn effortlessly and play whenever you find a few minutes to share with your friends.

Stemming from NSKN Games, a robust publisher with five years of proven track record on the board game market, Strawberry Studio looks to grounds previously uncovered by its older sibling. With experiences and knowledge gained over years of designing and publishing complex gamer games, we are now ready to bring to you the smartest and best micro games from around the world.

So, if you are looking for an intriguing game to play in minutes, look for the Strawberry Studio logo on a sleek box, guaranteed to contain some fast-paced and engaging fun for gamers, casual players and families alike.

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